Enriching Activities for Your Loved One’s Well-Being

Physical Exercise and Rehabilitation

At Charis Manor, our residents participate in tailored physical training regimens and rehabilitation exercises. These programmes are aimed at not only enhancing strength, mobility, and general health but also to promote recovery and independence. 

Art Therapy

Through art therapy sessions, your loved ones are able to unleash their creativity, fostering emotional expression and relaxation. Whether it’s painting, drawing, or knitting, these activities provide a therapeutic outlet for self-discovery and self-expression.

Music Therapy

Seniors are encouraged to tap into the healing power of melodies with our music therapy sessions. Through listening, singing, or playing instruments, your loved one can experience emotional release, joy, and connection within a harmonious and supportive space.

Cognitive Stimulation Activities

Activities such as puzzles, brain training games, and memory exercises at Charis Manor are specially designed to help seniors maintain their cognitive abilities, keep the mind sharp, and give them a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment.