Dementia Care

Seeking professional, 24/7 residential dementia care services for your beloved senior? Or are you in need of additional support to care for your loved one living with dementia while you’re at work during the day? Our committed care professionals are here to make sure your loved one receives the assistance required to minimise memory loss and maintain their cognitive abilities.

Why Choose Charis Manor Dementia Nursing Home

Experienced Team

With a team of skilled therapists and caregivers specialised in dementia care, Charis Manor delivers high-quality and compassionate care to support your loved ones.

Comprehensive Programmes

Our dementia therapy programmes incorporate a wide range of interventions, including reminiscence therapy, music therapy, and sensory stimulation, providing holistic support for cognitive and emotional well-being.

Safe and Tranquil Environment

Facilities at our centre are designed to provide a safe and tranquil environment, minimising stressors and promoting a sense of security to seniors living with dementia.

Focus on Quality of Life

We believe in enhancing the quality of life for those with dementia, promoting independence, dignity, and a sense of purpose in their daily activities.

Our Activities for Dementia Seniors

Reminiscence Therapy

With trained professionals leading reminiscence therapy sessions, your loved ones are encouraged to recall past experiences and share memories, helping to cultivate a sense of identity and connection.

Cognitive Stimulation

We engage dementia patients in brain-stimulating activities like puzzles and board games to help them maintain cognitive function and mental agility.

Art and Creative Expression

Under the guidance of our care professionals, engaging in artistic expression through activities like painting, drawing, and other creative outlets can uplift moods, improve communication, and boost self-esteem.

Animal Therapy

By incorporating interactions with animals, we offer comfort, companionship, and emotional support to seniors with dementia. These interactions have been shown to reduce anxiety and improve overall mood.

Enjoying Nature and the Outdoors

At our centre, seniors take leisurely strolls, tend to the garden, or immerse themselves in nature-based activities that offer therapeutic benefits, nurturing their mental and emotional well-being.