Care Plan

Long Term Stay

Is your loved one struggling with advancing dementia? Or perhaps you are concerned about your elderly parents living alone. At Charis Manor, we’re here to provide specialised professional nursing care in a private and refined setting. With our small resident-to-staff ratio, we ensure each resident receives tailored attention and a premium level of comfort, such that your loved ones receive the best care and support.

Small resident-to-staff ratio

Our dedicated staff ensures your loved ones receive personalised and compassionate care tailored to their unique needs.

Safety and Security

Our facility is equipped with advanced safety measures and protocols to create a secure environment where the well-being of residents is guaranteed.

Social Interaction and Community

We foster an inclusive community with opportunities where seniors are encouraged to engage with peers, participate in group activities, and enjoy exciting events.

Professional Monitoring of Health Conditions

We have regular health check-ups and monitoring systems in place to promptly address potential health issues.

Our Activities

Rehabilitation Programmes

Through personalised rehabilitation programmes, seniors participate in activities aimed at enhancing strength, mobility, and communication skills under the guidance of our skilled therapists. Our goal is to help them regain proficiency in daily activities, promoting independence and overall well-being.

Regular Exercises

Our exercise programmes are designed to encourage residents to remain active and independent, taking into account their individual abilities.

Social and Recreational Activities

Whether it’s puzzles, crochet, or painting workshops, we offer a variety of activities and interest groups where your loved one can stimulate their physical senses, forge friendships, and rediscover old passions or explore new ones. 

Festive Celebrations

We coordinate festive celebrations and recreational activities, such as intergenerational events, to provide seniors with opportunities for socialisation and enjoyment.