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Better equip yourself to care for your loved ones.

Certificate In Patient Service

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Undertaking a patient service course can be relevant and beneficial for various reasons, particularly for individuals pursuing careers in healthcare or related fields.

*Prices listed are inclusive of application fees only. Full course fee may vary.

Course Information

Undertaking a patient service course can be relevant and beneficial for various reasons, particularly for individuals pursuing careers in healthcare or related fields.

Certificate in Patient Service curriculum prepares participants for the Patient Service Associate role. Each module includes technical sessions and non-technical sessions (such as employability sessions, skills application sessions, community sessions and instructor support sessions). The sessions follow a sequence determined by proprietary curriculum design principles. Each module has an integrative approach to make learning relevant and immediately applicable for adult participants. For e.g.- Topics of Growth Mindset, Persistence, Communication etc. are introduced in Module 1. The application of these topics is practised through Skills Application sessions.

Apart from the role-specific concepts and skills, participants will also be exposed to the behavioural skills and mindsets which are critical to be a patient service associate in this module so that they will be able to start applying the skills and mindsets.

Course Structure

Certificate in Patient Service course progresses from Foundation Level to Intermediate Level to Advanced Level with 3 modules covering extensive topics.

Full time: 2 months (7-hour lessons/day, 5 days/week)
Part time: 7 months (3.5-hour lessons/day, 3 days/week)

Face to Face

The assessment of modules will be guided by the following principles:

  • Each level of the course should be taught and assessed in the way use of coursework-based assessments.

  • A variety of different ways of working (individual and team-based) will be introduced in order to demonstrate the students’ skills and knowledge in the best way possible. The modules will be assessed through the use of coursework-based assessments and examinations.

To graduate, a student must complete and pass all 3 Modules and levels of the course. 

Local students must achieve an attendance of 75% and international students must achieve an attendance of 90% in any month of the course.

CSM Academy International, Singapore

Module One – Foundation 

The first module covers the basic concepts of being a Patient Service Associate. Participants will be introduced to the Healthcare industry expectations, ethical considerations, Hospital Management Systems, Branches of Medicine and Medical Terms. Participants will be guided on how to work in a person-centred way and be aware of the needs of patients with dementia, mental health and learning disability. 

Topics covered: 

  1. Introduction to Your Curriculum 
  2. Behavioural Skills and Mindsets
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Setting Realistic Industry expectations
  5. Ethics and Protecting Patient Privacy
  6. Hospital Management Systems 
  7. Standards for Professionalism 
  8. Work in a Person-Centred Way 
  9. Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability
  10. General Office Support 
  11. Branches of Medicine
  12. Medical Terms 


Module Two – Intermediate 

The second module focuses on the knowledge and skills of interacting with patients. After completing the module, participants are expected to be able to apply adaptive communication to approach patients, identify patients’ needs, help upset patients, register patients, schedule appointments for patients, provide professional patient service skills in person or on the phone.  

Participants will acquire knowledge regarding Medisave, billing procedures, insurance verification, hospital equipment, cashiering and payment collection in this module. 

Topics covered: 

  1. Prioritisation and Multitasking 
  2. Common Hospital Equipment 
  3. Understanding Your Role: Communication & Collaboration
  4. Adaptive Communication
  5. Approaching, Greeting and Identifying Patient Needs 
  6. Answering Patient Questions 
  7. Helping an Upset Patient 
  8. Written Communications
  9. Patient Service Skills: Phone 
  10. Patient Service Skills: In Person 
  11. Scheduling Patients
  12. Registering and Verifying Patients
  13. Verifying Insurance
  14. Introduction to Medisave Forms
  15. Billing Procedures and Financial Counselling
  16. Cashiering and Collecting


Module Three – Advanced 

This module is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to support the work in clinics and hospitals. Participants are expected to be able to measure patients’ vitals, document cases, handle case files, support patient consultations, transport patients between wheelchair and bed, as well as conduct disinfection and sterilisation of items in the clinic.   

There are a few experiential learning days in this module arranged for participants to simulate providing patient service in a healthcare workplace. They will also have opportunities to observe the actual operations in the healthcare industry.    

Topics covered: 

  1. Documentation and Case Files Advanced 
  2. Supporting Patient Consultations
  3. Disinfecting and Sterilization
  4. Cleaning Medical Equipment vitals,
  5. Transporting Wheelchair to Bed (Vice Versa) 
  6. Introduction to Measuring Vitals 
  7. Measuring Vitals
  8. PSA Experiential Learning
  9. Field Observation

Earning a patient service certificate can open up various career opportunities in the healthcare and customer service sectors such as:

Patient Care Coordinator
Customer Service Representative (Healthcare)
Healthcare Receptionist
Medical Office Assistant
Community Health Worker
Care Coordinator in Long-Term Care Facilities
Patient Services Representative

Age 18 years and above
Obtained at least a C6 at Secondary 2 in any 3 subjects or equivalent including a Pass in English language.

Application Fee
(Non-Refundable and non-transferrable) For local students: S$50.00 (before GST)* (*Refer to Singaporean/PRs/Employment Pass/Dependant Pass holders) For international students: S$600 (before GST) 

Course Fee
For Local Students: S$4,200 

For International Students:

Insurance Fees
Fee Protection Scheme**: Subject to prevailing market rate Medical Insurance Fee***: Subject to prevailing market rate **The Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) serves to protect students’ paid fees. ***It is compulsory for all local and international students to purchase medical insurance which is valid throughout their course of studies with the CSM Academy International. Local students (Singaporeans, PRs & Non-student’s Pass holders) may opt-out for this scheme if they can provide the proof of adequate medical insurance coverage in Singapore. 

Miscellaneous Fees
Please ask for a copy from our Programme Executives.

Fill up the following online forms • Application Form – CSM Academy International Pte Ltd • ICA Form 16 and Form V36 – applicable only for International Students (complete in English and duly signed by applicant)

Attach the following documents 

  • A copy of passport-size photograph with white background 
  • A copy of NRIC (for Singaporeans and PR) 
  •  A copy of passport – applicable only for International Students (must have at least 1 year validity)
  • A copy of birth certificate – applicable only for International Students.


Bring the original documents for the above items

  • Notarised/Certified true copies of all your educational transcripts and completion certificates
  • All documents need to be translated in English and submitted along with the original documents
  • Proof of English Proficiency; either IELTS/TOEFL score sheet or equivalent qualification (if applicable)
  • Resume or Letter from employer certifying period of employment (if applicable)
  • Bank balance to show a minimum of S$30,000 for students from visa-required countries (China, India, etc) / Evidence of study loan, sufficient enough to cover the course fees – applicable only for International Students)
  • Application fee (non-transferable and non-refundable)



Offer by the School 

Upon receipt of your completed application, you will be notified of the outcome of your application within 2 weeks. Successful applicants will receive electronic version of Letter of Offer and terms and conditions page if any.

Application of Student Pass – Only applicable for International Students (Skip this step for local Students)

Upon approval of your application, CSM Academy will proceed to submit your Student’s Pass application via SOLAR + to Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA. You will be notified of the outcome within 6 weeks. 

Payment of Programme Fees

For Local Students – You will be required to bring the original certificates for verification, sign the student contract and make course payments.

For International Students – 

Once your Student Pass application is approved-in-principle by ICA, you will be required to bring the original certificates for verification and to sign the student contract, followed by course fee payment. Do contact our Student & Industry Outreach Executive if you require student services on arrival such as airport pick-up, accommodation, medical check-up and more.

Payment mode: 

Via Paypal (For online applications) Or Via Nets / Cheque (For counter applications only)

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