Therapeutic Garden

Charis Manor has a therapeutic garden with edible herbs for residents who wants to indulge in gardening activities or just sit around to relax in the aromatic garden, this serves to improve their quality of life.

Therapeutic Garden are designed using science-based principles, purposely planned to enable people’s interactions with nature and improve the mental well-being of its visitors.

A specific selection of plant species is used in the garden to induce strong memories and engage the senses. These include plants that are fragrant, medicinal or edible, textured or coloured, as well as those which attract butterflies and birds.

Even though land is scare, much thoughts are put into the garden layout and design to improve the mental and psychosocial well-being of the dementia elderly. Clients can experience a range of health benefits such as reduced stress, the relief of mental fatigue and an overall improvement to emotional well-being.