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Our Healthcare Courses

If you are looking for a course to:

• better equip yourself to care for your loved ones after their short term stay in our nursing home

• find a part time job as a home care giver or work as a Healthcare Attendant in a hospital or nursing home

• be a volunteer in a nursing home

You may want to sign up for our WSQ Certificate in Therapy Services course:

Certificate in Therapy Services
( Up to 95% funding by WDA )
Supporting better, Together
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Certificate in Therapy Services:

This course will provide both practical and theoretical knowledge about Therapy Services for the older people and keep students up to date with the current healthcare settings.

BSc in Nursing & Health
( University of Dundee )
Study a Nursing Degree with a World Leading University
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BSc in Nursing & Health ( Accredited by Singapore Nursing Board )

This SNB accredited part-time nursing degree (top-up) for post registration nurses will be conducted at our premises by our partner, University of Dundee which is ranked world top 200 and is the only UK University to date with the Gold award for their Teaching Excellence Framework.

ITEC Level 2
Diploma For Beauty Specialists
( Up to 95% funding by SDF )
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ITEC Level 2 Diploma For Beauty Specialists By SDF

This Diploma aims to equip the student with the necessary skills in communicating with customer, performing treatments within industry time limit, planning and marketing strategies. It also aims to provide basic knowledge in structures and functions of a human body, diseases and disorders and develop his/her personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance as a beauty therapist.

ITEC Level 3 
Diploma In Holistic Massage
( Up to 95% funding by SDF )

ITEC Level 3 Diploma In Holistic Massage By SDF

This diploma aims to equip the student with an understanding of the human body system, the origins of and benefits of Holistic Massage and other complementary therapies, performing a full body massage within industry time limit, planning and making strategies. It also aims to teach the student to maintain personal hygiene, workplace health and safety and to exhibit their professionalism in their conduct and image as a therapist.

WSQ Diplomas
in Clinical Research
( Up to 95% funding by WDA )
Mid-career Switch in Clinical Research

WSQ Diplomas in Clinical Research

This course is most suitable for students looking to upgrade their skills & knowledge which is in line with current practices. We also welcome students who are looking for a mid-career change and want to explore this new industry.

To upgrade yourself or your loved ones, we also provide following courses:
Diploma / Advanced Diploma in Biomedical Science
Diploma / Advanced Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality
Certificate in Hospitality Services
Certificate in Aged Care
Certificate of Proficiency in English
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