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If you are children of elderly parents staying alone, and you worry about their long-term care, or your parents physical health condition or dementia has deteriorated to such an extent that your foreign care-giver cannot provide them with the necessary care, you can consider signing them up for long-term stay in our nursing home. 

We provide professional nursing care in a dementia-friendly tranquil upscale environment, where your elderly loved ones will be very comfortable and well taking care of. 


When you need to travel and worry about leaving your elderly parents at home alone, or you are in need of a break from the stress of care-giving, or your foreign care-giver needs to return home for a visit, or your loved ones just had surgery and require care, bringing them to our nursing home for short-term respite care will be the perfect solution.  


As we continue to get older and live longer, many of us will find that in our senior years, we may need assistance, or be lonely. For older adults who does not want to stay in the nursing home long term, but wants company and care while the family members are out working in the day time, day care is a great choice. Our Charis Manor day care program allow seniors to socialize with others, engaging in activities such as mahjong playing, karaoke and art & crafts, etc. to enjoy their time until their loved ones return from work to pick them up to go home for the evening.
As a teaching nursing home, we will have the younger generation students to mingle with them, giving both generations the opportunities to interact and exchange views.
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